Monday, August 13, 2012

The All-Consuming Motherhood

I wish I could travel just a little bit into the future, so I could see whether I'm safe rolling my eyes at women who get pregnant and don't say a single non-baby-related word for at least the next year, or if that's going to be me too, and then I'll just look silly.

A couple of my closest friends / favorite Facebook posters had babies recently. One of them disappeared the instant she found out she was pregnant--it's been months now since she posted anything, on Facebook or her blog or Pinterest, that wasn't about babies or decorating the nursery. The other was still pretty normal during her pregnancy, but now that she's had her baby, she's almost as bad. My issue here is purely selfish; I just miss having them around as my friends. They rarely post now, and when they do, it's about something that I can only appreciate as a spectator. It's wonderful for them, and I am happy for them. But for me it's just kind of lame.