Sunday, October 21, 2012


I just really hate this, and I want to post it somewhere so I can say I hate it. I've never understood the "fill my heart with you, Lord" kind of thing... So much of that evangelical language sounds like either romantic or sexual love to me, and in the context of a relationship with God that just weirds the crap out of me. But this "empty me of me" business? What the hell?

Why would you want to be emptied of yourself? Why would God want that for you? If God didn't want you to be you, then what is the entire point of your life? I ask you.


  1. Ha, that's my reaction as well. Gross. Look, the God I see would not ask you to stop being you. That's just wrong.

  2. I think with little images like these, you have to get past your revulsion and consider what it is about it that makes people repost it. I think with this particular sentiment, people don't see God as emptying themselves, they see it as ridding themselves of selfishness and focusing outward. I certainly feel pretty self-centered from time to time and the idea of being focused entirely on God and letting go of my petty day-to-day matters isn't entirely unappealing.

    Intent should matter with sayings like this. While I understand your interpretation, I just don't think that's how people see it.

  3. Sure, I get what they're saying, and I can very much appreciate a prayer to help one be less selfish. I understand their intent and I don't have a problem with that. It specifically is just the language I dislike, and that's what I'm talking about here (in, granted, kind of a snarky 2:30 a.m. sort of way). Of course intent matters—but to me, words matter too. If you don't mean "empty me of me," then don't say "empty me of me." You know? "Empty me of my selfish desires" works just as well. "Help me remove my natural shortcomings." Exactly the same effect, no weird undertones. Problem solved.